Defense Lawyers — White Collar Crimes

Criminal charges against prominent individuals or businesses must be taken seriously. It is important to seek advice from a highly skilled defense lawyer in a timely manner. The earlier an attorney is able to evaluate the case, the more defense options that are likely available to pursue.

Schoeppl Law, P.A. is an established law firm led by a team of defense lawyers with extensive credentials. The team handles some of the most complex white collar criminal cases in Florida. Founding attorney Carl Schoeppl is known for the direct, aggressive approach that he takes in the courtroom. His clients value the personal attention they receive and the team-oriented approach that is taken with complex criminal cases.

White Collar Crimes Defense From Skilled Attorneys

The lawyers at the firm are aggressive and results-oriented when representing clientele. Members of the team at Schoeppl Law, P.A. have successfully handled a broad range of cases, including identity theft cases, securities fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, embezzlement and more.

Not only do the lawyers at Schoeppl Law, P.A. offer personalized attention, but they are also discrete and highly professional when handling criminal cases. The attorneys recognize that effective yet efficient legal representation is important to clients and work diligently to resolve the issue the client is facing as quickly as possible.

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To schedule a meeting with the experienced lawyers at Schoeppl Law, P.A., please complete a short contact firm or contact the team by phone at 800-337-2947. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, the firm handles cases nationwide.