Receivership Litigation

Carl Schoeppl has developed a unique niche practice in receivership litigation. He is both a court-appointed receiver and counsel for businesses in receivership in complex federal securities and franchise litigation proceedings.

Over the years, the team at Schoeppl Law, P.A. has been instrumental in recovering millions on behalf of investors and consumers in litigation proceedings. Carl Schoeppl is held in high regard and widely respected for his work in receivership litigation.

Some of the most notable cases include the Transworld Receivership and the U.S. Capital Receivership. Mr. Schoeppl also has past experience handling other receivership. Listed below are some examples of his recognized work.

The Schaefer Receivership

In April 1998, Mr. Schoeppl was appointed by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, upon the recommendation of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, as the permanent receiver for defendants AMPG, Inc. and American Capital & Equity Corporation and Relief Defendants Asset Management & Planning Group, Inc., Bristol Insurance Group, Inc., and Steven R. Schaefer & Associates, Inc. (collectively, the "Schaefer Receivership") in an enforcement action styled SEC v. Schaefer, et al., Case No. 98-343-CIV-ORL-22A (M.D. Fla.). In Schaefer, the defendants allegedly orchestrated a multimillion-dollar "Ponzi" scheme through the fraudulent offer and sale of promissory notes to investors principally located in the Daytona Beach, Florida, area.

In the Schaefer Receivership, Mr. Schoeppl recovered in excess of $1.3 million, and procured a judgment against a Relief Defendant for an amount in excess of $7 million. Mr. Schoeppl disbursed in excess of $1 million to aggrieved investors in connection with this receivership proceeding.

The ASN Receivership

In June 2002, Mr. Schoeppl was appointed by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, upon the recommendation of the "FTC," as the temporary receiver for America's Shopping Network, Inc., Consumer Services, Inc., Karen Zagami, Carianne Sica, Louis Gangi, HME, Inc., and John Epstein (collectively, the "ASN Receivership") in an FTC enforcement action styled FTC v. America's Shopping Network, Inc., et al., Case No. 02-80540-CIV-HURLEY (S.D. Fla.). In ASN, the defendants allegedly conducted a nationwide fraudulent work-at-home scheme.

The temporary restraining order and other ancillary relief were extended through July 5, 2002, pending the court's consideration of the FTC's Motion for a Preliminary Injunction and Other Relief against the Defendants. Mr. Schoeppl, in his capacity as temporary receiver, suspended the business operations of America's Shopping Network, Inc., Consumer Services, Inc., and HME, Inc., seized and secured all known assets and property of the defendants.

The ICM Receivership

In 1998, the firm served as counsel for International Capital Management, Inc. ("ICM"), and, with the consent of the principals, caused ICM to voluntarily consent to being placed into an equity receivership for the benefit of investors in SEC v. International Capital Management, Inc., Case No. 98-7062-CIV-DIMITROULEAS (S.D. Fla.). In connection with its duties as counsel for ICM, the firm recovered in excess of $2 million for ICM customers.

The Mobley Receivership

This receivership arises out of a massive Ponzi scheme engineered by David M. Mobley Sr. ("Mobley") to swindle hundreds of investors in the Naples area, mostly elderly retirees, out of tens of millions of dollars through various Mobley-related entities. While a few select participants reaped handsome returns in order to induce more and more investors to entrust their money to Mobley's care, the majority of the Maricopa investors and creditors were faced with the grim prospect of losing, on a collective basis, over $59 million when the Ponzi scheme eventually collapsed. Since there were never any real profits from Mobley's scheme, the illusory false profits paid to a fortunate few investors were assets of the Receivership Entities that were improperly and fraudulently distributed solely to perpetuate the illegal Ponzi scheme.

Otto G. Obermaier, Esq., the former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, was appointed to act as the receiver for Mobley and various Mobley-related entities. Mr. Obermaier retained the firm to represent him in prosecuting various profiteers from Mobley's scheme. The firm has handled numerous profiteer actions on behalf of Mr. Obermaier in state and federal court, and has recovered millions of dollars for the receivership estate.

Handling Receivership Litigation Nationwide

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